Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bye Chuck E?

Have you heard about Chuck E. Cheese's new look? It's kind of like a rocker rat. Yeah, more lab subject than pet mouse now. Supposedly it's supposed to make adults who were teens in the 90s feel nostalgic about those days. You know, Kurt Cobain and the like. Because associating a torturted victim of overdose with a children's fast food chain makes sense, right?

I'm actually not too bummed about the change- the backwards baseball cap on Current Chuck E. always seemed a little forced - but I think they could have done better. Maybe something that didn't look so angry all the time. Uh.

Maybe this seems like a petty issue, and it probably is. But for me, this chain has a lot of memories. Family reunions, birthdays, betting I could eat half a pizza alone, and that time the animatronic Chuckster's jaw was hanging off his face while he sang parodies of 90s tunes. Bring back the Chuck E. in the bowler hat, that's what I say!

So what do you think? Are you a fan of Chuck E? Is the new Chuck E. a success?