Saturday, January 18, 2014

*bursts from ground like a zombie* Disappearances, Cheesy Lines, and 2014!

PART I: Mysterious Disappearances...?


Happy 2014! This is the first time I've felt like the year sounded really futuristic. Well, besides 2000. And 2001.

Point being, flying cars: where are they?

This is my first blog post in 8 months. There's a perfectly reasonable correlation for this: grad school.

Last summer, I got my summer reading list for a grad program I would start that August. So basically, I waved a tear-soaked handkerchief at Fun Reading, though you could argue that the stuff on the list was Fun Reading, considering it was my dream graduate program.

Segue into: mysterious disappearance from the blogosphere.

For privacy's sake, I'd better not say what I'm studying. It's a really unique program, so you could find out pretty much everything about me in about 3 seconds without even having to contact the NSA for the password to PRISM.

I always picture their headquarters like that pyramid outside the Louvre because of this.

It has to do with writing, though. We were told during orientation that we cannot discuss the program over social media because professors will Google their names and find out everything students have been "privately" saying about each other, the professors, guest artists, etc. In a year past, a girl ran a tell-all blog where she replaced everyone's names, but it was still obvious.

Also the plot of a popular Disney Channel Original movie.

PART II: Audience interaction!

Since I've been on winter break, I decided the best way to Not Have to Do Work was to Do All of the Work. I slapped a WiP in the face until the characters were more cohesive and took out a great deal of whining. Good feelings.

I even deleted was a line that kept bothering me ever since I wrote it. But a voice in my head kept saying, "No! It's poetic! It's literary!"

Pictured: voice.

Here's the line: 

“I have a feeling much will be bearable, though, when we are traveling through a beautiful next, and experiencing something entirely new.”

Might sound kind of pretty, but what's it really mean? Exactly what it says, which kind of defeats the point of being poetic, huh?

Have you ever had lines that frolicked across the line from Beautiful to Cheesy? Or have you written/read something that made fun of this trope? Let me know in the comments!


PS- I plan on starting up my bi-weekly reviews again! I do have a few books I want to discuss already, but if you have suggestions, please let me know! Especially anything that is just coming out. You know. So I can be all... hip... an' stuff.