Friday, January 6, 2012

The Best Thing TWILIGHT is Good For... for making fun of.

Now hear me out. Yeah, I'm not a fan of Twilight. I read the first book so that when I said I didn't like it, that would be backed up by actual reasons instead of just assuming I wouldn't like it. And it was okay at the end-- I did get through it, after all-- but I'm just not a fan.

But I do think something great has come out of Twilight: material for endless jokes. Parodies, specifically. And it's shown that most of the world still knows good writing from not-so-great writing. It also shows that Stephanie Meyer is, in a way, a genius. The writing's not great, vampires have been done before, and teen romances are as old as the Giza pyramids (watch, there's probably the phrase "It's always been you, my best guy friend!" written in hieroglyphics on a tombstone somewhere). AND YET, it's a multimillion-dollar franchise. Remarkable, really.

I found this article on my friend's wall on Facebook. It's "If Famous Writers Had Written Twilight," and it's brilliant. Sharing this was the whole purpose of the blog-post, but apparently I got a bit rambly.

So thank you, Stephanie Meyer. To some, she brought them Bella and Edward's world. More power to her. (Not- not literally. Please don't give Mrs. Meyer more power.)

Thank you for the humor you've brought the world.

This is a Death Note-themed parody of the Twilight cover I made back when I was obsessed with Death Note. It's supposed to be a pun because in Death Note, the main character's name is Light. Ah, Death Note- now THERE'S a good story.

So, what about you? Any fans of Twilight want to justify their love?  Or is this a franchise you just love to hate?

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