Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Save the World on the Way to Publishing Your Novel

The smallest acts can make people heroes, and Kat Brauer has been doing something amazing for a few years now.

I recently discovered called Crits for Water. Essentially, Kat offers critiques of queries, synopses, and even sometimes full manuscripts. These critiques are often done by guest authors and agents. Some of these critiques are acquired by pledging a certain amount of money, and then the winners are determined by a raffle system of those who pledged. Other prizes are won by auction. The money goes towards providing clean water systems for people in third-world countries.

So, essentially, the money spent on improving your chances of landing an agent also improve the chances of someone's survival. Talk about a win-win.

You can find Kat's site here:


Thanks for checking out a good cause!


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