Friday, September 7, 2012

September 15- Celebrate a debut author, just in time for Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays - probably the one I get most into - so I always try to find a good read for around that time.
My Heart Be Damned (Damned, #1)
Well, what good timing! September 15, My Heart Be Damned by Chanelle Gray comes out.

Here's why it's cool: not only does the book sound interesting on Goodreads (full of creepy escaped souls that need to be tracked down), but this is Chanelle's first published book- and she totally deserves it. For example, one of my favorite writing blogs ever is YATopia, which she contributes to. YATopia showed me the power of social media in the world of Young Adult literature. So many doors opened up after that. And their advice is great.

Chanelle's own blog is fascinating as well - in fact, right now she's running this fantastic, prize-filled contest. Is is too late to do simple tasks that gain points to go toward the larger prizes being raffled off, you ask? (Though you probably did not ask it like that, I believe I asked that rather awkwardly.) Well the answer is: NOPE! Head on over to her blog and you can still participate in everything.

Don't forget to look for this exciting new novel when it comes out, and send Chanelle your support!


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