Monday, March 4, 2013

Castor Gray

Hey, wanna learn some new vocabulary words? Check out Jeffrey Hollar's Monday Mixer Challenge! Every week, you have to incorporate a place, a thing, and an adjective (from a list of 3 each) into a precisely 150-word story. The thing is, I don't know a lot of the words in the challenge (Etymology class was years ago...) so it's a great learning experience, too. And who doesn't need practice being concise?

Here is my entry in this week's challenge, titled "Castor Gray."

Verry and Rutherd, upon returning from the metroplex, stopped at my home before going their respective ways. I assumed their vacation involved some profligate, non-stop series of “bonding” events, as the twins were now identical in genes only. Verry had thinner flesh on his face than the undead; Rutherd was a fresh battery, glowing and electric.

“Rough night, Verry?”

Verry sighed.

I brought out chardonnay and crostini. When I flicked on a light, Verry’s dark circles bled over his face. He didn’t touch the food, but Rutherd gorged himself. Verry clutched his stomach.

“So, what’d you do in the city?” I asked.

Rutherd laughed wildly and choked on a cracker. In an instant, he recovered. Verry twisted on the floor, gasping. He hadn’t taken a bite.

I stammered, “V-Verry—”

Rutherd grabbed Verry’s hand as Verry turned blue. Both twins were in tears.

“My brother, my brother, I’m… so sorry…”

[-@SareeseFeet, 150 words]


  1. You can't leave us like that - what did they do in the city????

  2. My goodness...what happened to the two of them? Very worried for Verry...