Sunday, March 11, 2012

Morbid Ezam: A Laires (Backwards Serial)

My dad always said that it's easier to solve a maze if you start from the end. Somehow, it works.

I have an idea.

I've decided to attempt something that might be kind of confusing and kind of cool but mostly just fun for me. 'Cause I have no idea where the heck this is gonna go and I love the idea of that.

The thing I'm starting is:

I wanted to start a serial story on this blog for kicks, but it occurred to me that if someone scrolled through the posts, it would look like this:

-End of story

-Some in between blog blather

-Middle of story

-Beginning of story

You'd have to scroll past all the spoilers in order to read from the beginning.

So I'm going to write it from the end. Then if someone wants to read it, they'll scroll through the blog and read:

-Most recent development
-Stuff after that
-End of story

...thereby reading it chronologically and avoiding spoilers.

BUT WAIT! Doesn't that inevitably mean you have to read spoilers before you know what they're spoiling?

Well, yeah. But that's half the fun. I gotta figure out how to make a story compelling when the readers already know the ending.

Kind of like the movie Memento, I guess. I've never seen Memento, but I hear it's awesome, and I hear that's how it works.

So, thanks for indulging me on this little experiment.


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