Wednesday, May 16, 2012

V is for Vacaaaaaaatioooooon

Hey everyone!

So, my cousin (and one of my best friends in the world) is graduating soon, so I'm off to have adventures at her college! Hoorah!

It'll be a bit strange being there. I'll get to meet some of her friends, whom I've heard loads of stories about. I'll have to practice my, "Oh hey, I know nothing personal about you" face.

But inside, I'll be remembering that story about the Underwear Party.
It should be fun, but also means I might not be able to finish this challenge (eheheh... that) for a few more days. Unless I get that Blogger App to work. Technology. I thought my generation was supposed to be born knowing how to do everything ever. No? Was I mislead?

Learning. It's a fun thing. :P

So I hope as the summer nears, you all have some fun plans ahead of you! See ya later!


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