Friday, May 25, 2012

Z is for Zebras! And other cool animals!

I love hearing about strange-yet-familiar animals. Like the zebra. Everyone knows what a zebra is, but when you think about it... WHAT IS IT? It looks like a striped horse. A black-and-white striped horse. How did that even happen? What? It's in Africa. Camouflage could not have been the reason.

And then there's the Okapi. This has stripes too and kind of looks like a zebra in a few ways, but it's actually more closely related to the giraffe. The first time I saw an Okapi in the zoo, my mind was blown. I was all, "How come more people don't know about these?!"

And then you have THE GIRAFFE ITSELF. It's body is designed much like a horse, but then there's the obvious longer neck, the different head shape, and the peculiar pattern. Does that kind of pattern appear on any other animal in nature that doesn't have the word "giraffe" in it? (Otherwise, the answer might be "Yes, this fish.")

Of course, horses are really cool, too. In fact, I just recently read about Przewalski's Horse, which is the only wild horse left in the world.


Przewalski's Horse...was what I thought when I read that. Really, last species of wild horses out there? But the WWF website said it, so... I guess they're the experts. This horse was even considered extinct at one point. :( At least it's just "critically endangered" now. #brightside

And that's just the category of Animals that Look Like Equines! What are your favorite strange animals?


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