Thursday, December 15, 2011

Being Honest About Myself

I despise lying to the extent that I have a hard time making likeable characters lie about something in my WIP. But I am a pretty reserved person. My friends-- even my best friends --have called me "mysterious" on multiple occasions. In reality, part of that is probably because I know what to conceal and what not do. For example, I don't have any dramatic relationship story, so I don't talk about past relationship experience at all. My family is very close, so I don't complain about them much. Have you noticed how much people complain to each other? That can be a good thing, though-- like, I can't ever imagine my sister keeping a dark secret from us because she openly talks about anything that troubles her. As far as I can tell, anyway.

Especially on the internet, though, I tend to not talk about myself much. In the writing community, hardly at all-- and when I do, it's often about my theories or my ideas, or what I happen to be working on. This is probably because I feel like that is personal stuff. But I should also prove I'm not a robot, too. You know. To humanize myself.

So, uh, I should try that. Here goes.

I am a student at a small liberal arts college. I'm a senior there. It's finals week. I have a 10-15 page paper due by noon tomorrow, but I'm not freaking out because I love the subject matter.

And I love Pokemon.

There, was that so hard? Hm... I always feel weird telling the writerly community that I'm a student so I usually, well, don't. It's like they'll think I'm not serious about this, or they'll think I'm inexperienced, or they'll think... I don't know.

Is that unfounded? Or do writers really look at each other based on things like age?


  1. I'm pretty much JUST LIKE YOU (maybe it's a writer thing?). and I also have a hard time really "opening up" and talking about myself on my blog. I tried to steer it more that way recently, but I think I failed haha oh well.

    writers do seem to look down on younger writers, but it's completely unfounded. talent and experience and age ARE NOT always correlated, you know? a talented 50-year-old should be admired as much as a talented 15-year-old. but it just doesn't go that way, as silly as that is. writers who're single moms and raise 5 kids between their day job and still write get more respect than a college student writing in their free time. but why? it's pretty stupid. but whatever ;)

    I was where you were exactly one year ago!

  2. That's cool to know you empathize. :) And I don't think you fail at opening up on your blog - like that post about your day with your mom was really sweet and humanizing!

    Haha you were right where I was a year ago? I guess that makes sense, though it'll be neat to see if I'm where you are in a year. :P