Monday, December 19, 2011

"Don't Forget Me, I Beeeeeeeg..."

So you know that Adele song on the radio right now? OK, there are like 3 of them. I'm particularly referring to "Someone Like You." And I mean it's literally on the radio right now.

It just so happens I like the Glee mashup better, though it might partly be because of the sassy choreography.

But this song is awesome for inspiring sad scenes. I mean, it's all about going away from someone you were really close to, and then looking at each other from across your separate ways, right? I think it's even good for scenes about people growing emotionally apart.

Want to know a sappy secret? I'm in my senior year of college right now, and I *keep* imagining that in a year I'll hear this song and start bawling because I'll think about all the people I've gotten close to, particularly in this last school year, and how we'll all graduate onto the next great adventure and when will I see them again? Ever? Probably, but it won't be like now. We certainly won't always see each other in a fun group anymore.

I have *one* semester left with them, dangit.

Do you ever feel sentimental towards the people you left behind, especially the ones who you won't definitely keep in close contact with? Or have you found enough cool people in your new adventures that it's not so bad? I keep thinking that the people I've met have set an impossibly high bar, but maybe I'm underestimating the rest of humanity where I'm headed, haha. I mean, if the people on the internet are anything to show for the rest of the world, then that's good news, but the internet is a vast universe. I'll be confining myself to a new concrete location.

Still, it's a good song. "I heard... all your dreeeeeams caaaaaame truuuuuuuue..."

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