Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas! I know technically it's the 26th now, but whatever. It can still be Christmas. :) Besides, I always feel like the holiday season lasts through New Year's Day. And for anyone celebrating Hanukkah, you've still got a few days left!

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful day. I certainly did, spent with 5 members of my family. Not including all the pets, who thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well.

Feel free to tell me about your festivities! Any fun traditions? Any mishaps or goofy stories? Did you get or give anything super awesome?

Also, I'm pretty excited because while I was waiting for Santa, I finished reading a YA book that I'm going to review here in the coming days, and worked on a revised Query. I know, it's Christmas, but when I like doing work and it's not totally stressing me out, what's wrong with chilling with a Christmas Coca-Cola and editing a Query? Nothin'. AmIright?

Once again, Meeeeeeeeerry Christmas!

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