Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lessons So Far

From actually updating this blog, I have learned this about blogging and about myself:

1) I should practice being concise.

2) Followers don't magically appear. Cherish every one of them. (You rock, JS. :P)

3) I don't have as many random Photoshop jpegs as I at first assumed I did.

4) I tend to post, or at least begin a post, at ridiculous hours of the night.

5) My posts inevitably take a dark or serious turn. I have had to withhold posts for partly this reason. I know I'm using a black background, but that doesn't mean everything has to be so grave, I mean-- yeah, yeah, Lesson 1. Concision.

Is "concision" a word? I should look that up. It sounds more like a surgical procedure practiced with a serrated blade, begun in the Dark Ages with little to moderate success.

Aaaaaaaaaand there's Lesson 5.

1 comment:

  1. 1) yeah, this is kind of key. people blow through blog posts when they get a chance, so if yours is short, there's more chance they'll take a minute to read & comment. I don't always follow this rule though. actually, no one really does.

    2) YEAH, it's too bad they don't though. best way to get some is to comment on other blogs. a LOT of other blogs. REGULARLY. and follow them. many people follow back ;)

    3) heh. no one does. I have to find new pictures every week.

    4) ...yes. that's why I schedule all of mine ;) then it looks like I sleep/post at regular hours. if they only knew...

    5) dark could be fun...