Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So About Last Night...

It was 1 am before I got back from all sorts of things I had to take care of, but I was still pretty awake. I'm used to  returning from the day late, but not that late, so some wires in my brain didn't get the memo that no, I did not have time to procrastinate, as I had to get up at 7 am this morning (which, in reality, was 7:40...eheheh).

My Procrastination of Choice last night was a site I'd heard about but stumbled upon for the first time called Good Reads. It's here:

I know, I know, I'm late to the party. Well... am I? Have you heard of this before? I feel like it gets mentioned a lot, but only in passing, like some phantom tantalizing me with an intimidating amount of promising reads.

Anyway, on Good Reads, you can rate just about any book you can think of, and then get recommendations based on how you rated similar books. I spent far too much time on this. There are a loooooooooot of books out there.

On the plus side, I finally was able to give Gulliver's Travels the one star I always wanted to (sweet justice...I am not a fan of you, Swift. Not a fan.) I also sought out The Sound and the Fury just to give it five stars.

If you haven't looked at Good Reads yet, I suggest you do. It has many different genres that you can sort books by, and it's set up really well. Also, there's a feature so you can list what you're reading now, set reading goals, and something involving friends.

So, readers that I like to imagine I have: do you use Good Reads? Would you be weirded out if I friended you? I honestly don't know how the whole friend thing works on there but I don't think it involves a blood pact or ritual. Should probably double check on that.

Comment and let me know!

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  1. I love goodreads, and I wouldn't be weirded out if you friended me ( I remember when I first made my account, I spent OURS adding all the books I'd read and rating them. it still fills me with satisfaction when I finish a new book and get to add it :)