Sunday, December 4, 2011

SRS BZNS ("Serious Business," for those of you who don't post in anime forums run by teenagers)

You know how new notebooks are awesome gifts, but then you realize you don't have anything to write in them? Or you think that their pages are so precious that you don't want to soil them with the wrong thing? Or you're worried that if you start writing in the notebook, it will just become another unfinished project?

That's me. That's this blog.

I started this blog because I had to. It was a requirement for certain writerly contests to post about said contest in your blog. I believe my first 7 entries are all promotional.

If anyone's gathered info about a contest from those, that's awesome, wonderful, whatever. But the thing is, I don't think they have. I only posted about contests, and pretty infrequently, so that didn't exactly gain me hoards of followers. And I feel kind of bad about that. The people who run the contests want the promotion in return for providing the prize, and I was kind of cheating with my dead-pan, floating-out-in-cyberspace-with-a-glazed-over-look blog. It was just an entry tool, not the desired promotion.

I also realized that the little (and I mean LITTLE) presence I have in the writerly world (gained mostly via Twitter) has opened up more avenues of opportunity than I thought it could. I've met some really cool aspiring writers and other people involved in the writing world from social networking. Having my own writer's blog would hopefully increase that participation, as I've heard it does.

And I've heavily immersed myself in a lot of materials on writing over the years. During the school year, I'm involved in all sorts of writing and literature classes and projects. In the summer, it's kind of non-stop research and peer review to the point of obsession. This has led to small amounts of success, but success nonetheless.

Sorry, this is getting long. I know I tend to ignore long blog posts, I'll be honest.

My point is, I'm going to maintain this. Really, I am. I feel like I have a lot to offer- at least a different perspective people might want to see - and I want to share that. Even if it turns out I'm not that interesting, I want to interact with you, my fellow writerly-types. Hear feedback. Get opinions. Hold contests, even.

Let's be friends, shall we?

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