Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Blabbery

Continuing with the A to Z blog challenge!

I was honestly thinking about doing B is for Bad Decisions, like I joked about on Day 1. Or for Banned Books, both topics I enjoy.

But no. I must do Blabbery.

See, it's extremely relevant. Because of my own blabbery, it kind of looks like I lost this challenge on Day 2. I said on Day 1 I was going to try to do midnight to midnight. Now why would I tell you that? I shoulda just tried that. And then when I inevitably failed on Day 2, I would have just been like, "Ah well. I tried. Now I have flexibility."

This is something I've been trying to reduce lately.

So basically, I am addicted to responsibility, and tend to overcommit. And it's not always bad. I've done a lot of really cool things because I've committed to so much. But the problem is when I verbally state I'm going to do more than is actually possible, instead of just trying to do it and then failing quietly at it if I can't. For example, variations on this conversation have happened a lot this semester:

SCENE: Office of my music composition professor.

ME: Okay, I think I know where to go with this piece now.

What happens next:

 ME: For next time, I'll try to have the whole introduction drafted, as well as chart out some ideas for the next movement, and begin the orchestration.

PROFESSOR: Alright, sounds good.

What should have happened next:

ME: I'll get more done for next time.

PROFESSOR: Alright, sounds good.

[Aaaaaaaaand Scene.]

See what I mean? I should just do stuff, not say everything I plan to do. Then it wouldn't be so obvious when I can't complete things because there are, you know, only 24 hours in a day, and apparently I don't have control over my sleep schedule (I tried to fool my body into thinking it doesn't need sleep... it is not easily fooled).

So yeah. I'm not going midnight-midnight with this challenge. I'm going Approximately This Day to Approximately That Day and honestly I don't think my 5 followers are really going to care. (If you do have a problem with things like that, feel free to UnFollow Me. It's okay.)

Now I gotta get back to work because tonight's one of those nights where I actually have to do everything I said I was going to do because all the time is gone.

And after tonight (er, maybe this weekend...) I really do plan on checking out all you Commenters' blogs and a gazillion other A to Z challenges. (<- I am sure there was a more graceful way of saying that sentence.)

^ And that's not me just Blabbing about stuff I should do so say I will do. I will actually do that. Really really.

Good luck on your own challenges!

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  1. Hi

    Seems we are sailing in the same boat. Too few hours and too much to do. I enjoyed the blabbery.