Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Dashing

I should just always wear leggings, shorts, a tank top, earbuds, and a water bottle. Then it wouldn't be weird that I run to places. People would be like, "Oh, she must keep up a healthy, active lifestyle." Everyone wins.

I like to stop and smell the roses when I can, but I hate being late to places, and sometimes I just have to get there. Freshman year, my new friends said my Spirit Animal is a deer, because I run when I cross the street. I just don't like cars to have to wait for me, you know? Also, what if the driver isn't paying attention?

Another of my friends laughs because we're both in a morning class, and sometimes I will obliviously dash past her on my way. If it's a 10:30 class, I will be there by 10:30. Why not use that extra minute I just saved by running to grab a granola bar or toast on my way out? Breakfast and being on time? Yes please!

This isn't a big deal, maybe not worth a post even, but I decided to do D for Dashing because guess what I'm about to do? Yes. Dash off again. I have to hit up a few places to hang posters and buy Thank-You trinkets before rehearsal at 6:30, and I think I don't have enough time to do everything I've got to before then.

But I might if I run there!


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