Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Labeling

I'm not a fan of labels.

Maybe because I think they're stupid. Maybe I think they're stupid because they're narrow and they pigeon-hole people and then people who are labeled gradually become more like that label and that's how clones are made, kids.

Yeah, I think that's why.

I've always found it hard to label myself when I've pondered what I am - which is part of the problem with labels, because then we are whats instead of whos.

Am I a nerd because I do really well in school? Am I a hipster because I listen to really obscure music? Am I a tomboy because I don't like to wear makeup, dresses, or heels? Am I a prude because I'm abstinent and don't swear? What about a jock, because I do three sports? Or a geek, because I become obsessed with things like Pokemon, Adventure Time, and Homestuck?

All those things about me are true. But as you can see, there isn't one label that covers all of that.

I think very few people can fit into a label. In fact, the coolest people I've ever met all have a side that many would consider dorky. But that's part of what makes them cool.

Honestly, if I wanted to be a label, the label I would choose is:


And I'd be willing to bet that you could be labeled that, too.



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  1. Tome,
    I don't like labels either. We are each unique and special. I like your "multi-faceted" outlook!

    The Write Soil
    1st Writes