Sunday, April 1, 2012

AHAHA: A to Z Challenge, Because Apparently Life Was Too Easy

"B" is for "Bad decisions," "O" is for "Overcommitting," "U" is for "Unfinished"... but I don't have to worry about those days yet, because today is Day 1 of the A to Z blog challenge, which means today's letter is A!

That's right. I'm participating in the A to Z blog challenge where you blog every day about a topic beginning with the corresponding letter (with Sundays off, apparently?). Check the hyperlink, yo!

It's after 3:30am. That is all.

 I'm going to try to go midnight to midnight for my "days" because otherwise one of my days might start at 10:30am and end at 5:30am and that's just messing with our constructed concepts of time.

I heard about this challenge on the blog "For Love of Writing" when the Sarcasm Goddess decided to accept this challenge. She seems about as confident about completing it as I am, but more hilariously so.

Anyway, it's not too late to participate, so I'd suggest doing so. Even if you don't, check out the above link to the challenge, which will lead you to other blogs that have signed up.

In summation, my topic today is "AHAHAHAHA." That's crazy laughter. I find it most commonly when it bursts out of someone, less dignified than the "hahaha" and more genuine than "lol," but with slightly more psychotic leanings. You don't find it much in literature. If it's there at all, it's usually just "Aha," which could be an exclamation of surprise. Both "Aha!" and "AHAHAHA" can be heard on a day like today, April Fool's.

Am I kicked out of the challenge yet? No? On to think about the letter B!

Have a fantastic April 1st! Happy birthday, Fred and George Weasley!



  1. A happy start! I think your enthusiasm will carry you through :-)

  2. Aha! What a wonderful way to start.

    If you have the time, give my blog a look too. All the best for B(ad Decisions). :)

  3. I guess you could add a B to AHAHAHA for tomorrow.
    Welcome to the fun!

  4. lol@funny in my mind. stopping by for the A-Z challenge. will return.
    they are asking folks to take word verification off for the challenge.