Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Freezing

I wonder how many people are doing "F is for Friday"?

GAHHHHH my apartment is so cold. I thought, "What am I going to write about?" Then thought about how COLD I AM.

If I wrap myself in a blanket, I KNOW I am going to fall asleep. I. Just. Knowit.

Exibit A: That's what happened last night.

We're technically not allowed to have space heaters in our apartment. Once upon a time, I broke that rule, but I don't have it here anymore. And our heating system? I think the switch that says "Cool" and "Warm" must be for show. The heater turns on whenever it pleases.

There's a vent in my room. Sometimes it coughs warm air like a mild summer breeze, but that's rare. It was 57 degrees in there for a while. For perspective, people often feel comfortable around 70.

I know. I know. #FirstWorldProblems. But the cold makes me feel unproductive and tired - very bad when you've got looooooooots to do.

When I don't have work to do, I keep warm by:

-hosting an impromptu dance party with myself
-bundling up in a blanket fort and listening to music
-put some clothes in the dryer and then wear them
-eat something tasty and warm

I feel like this is a lamer post than I anticipated. Save me, Parliament!

Here. F is for Funk.

Enjoy a chill tune from the founders of a genre.


  1. God, it is sweltering hot over here. hope you get over the funk quickly.

  2. Following! I love your blog! I also have a great big place in my heart for William Faulkner. Keep up the great work, and happy A to Z'ing!