Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for an Interview with Iris

  Hey everyone. I'd like you to meet Iris.

She's one of my characters in a novel I'm querying when I get the chance. I thought it might be fun to introduce her to the world in a post, especially since her name starts with I. I know I would love to read interviews with people's characters! So this is what Iris says:

What's your name?
Iris Opal. Or... Iris The Opal, but that sounds kind of silly. "Opal" isn't really my last name, but... well, I guess now it is, because what else would be? And it's not like "the" is my middle name. My birth name had a middle name, but it doesn't really fit anymore.

What was your birth name?
Samantha Laurel Washington.

Okay, before we get back to that: what's up with your eyes?  They, like, don't have pupils.
Oh, yeah-- nope, I don't have pupils. It's just all blue iris. Like me!

Is that where you get your name?
I hope not! I hope I get it from the flower, they're so pretty! The eye thing is just a defect. Although... nevermind.

Although what?
Oh, just... sometimes, I got the impression that the Doctor preferred his experiments if they didn't have pupils. I have this feeling that pupils freak him out. I don't know why.

Who is The Doctor? 
I dunno, actually. But he goes by Dr. Pinecone. He made me. And my sisters-- sister experiments, the Opals. I always thought he was pretty okay except for the time when he said he wanted to kill Indigo and me. Indigo doesn't like him, and I trust Indigo, so yeah. He's bad news.

So I guess this has to do with why your birth name and current name are different: 
Uh huh. The doctor gave me a new name when I got a new body. My brain's the same brain as ever, though. Okay... almost. Besides the whole no-memories-before-I-was-an-experiment thing.

Riiiiiiight. Alright, enough of that science talk. How old are you, Iris?
13. That's something I just know.

What are some of your likes?
I like the color blue, and animals, although I've never had a pet, and I like Indigo, and I'm sure I'll like the rest of my Opal sisters, when we find them. Oh, and I like some of the kids we've been spying on. There's one boy who hangs out with a big group of neighborhood kids and he seems really smart so I think we'll try asking him for help.

Yeah. We need people who aren't experiments to help us find the rest of our experiment sisters.

Ah, I see. Back to the fun questions. Favorite food?
Grilled cheese! My favorite food changes all the time but I always love grilled cheese.

Dream job?
That's a hard question! I haven't thought about my dream job much, especially since Dr. Pinecone said I was his, like, heir to the lab thing. I don't think being in charge of all that sounds fun, but I am really interested in all the stuff he tried to tell me about how he made me. Did you know I'm part plant?

Part... plant? Like, part leafy, photosynthesizing plant?

Yeah! Cool, right?

[Iris giggles.]

Anything you want to say to our readers before we go?
Umm... thanks for listening... or, uh, reading I guess. And if you happen to have black hair and blue eyes, you might be one of our sisters! So contact me, okay? Especially if you don't have pupils.

Thanks, Iris!


I hope you enjoyed our chat. Let me know if you and one of your characters do an interview, too!


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