Wednesday, April 4, 2012

C is for Concrete

C should actually be for Clicking Important Buttons, like "PUBLISH POST." Because I wrote this on Day 3, but guess what I forgot to do?

Actually post it.

Anyway. Whether or not I am kicked out of this challenge yet, I will persevere!

The night of Day 2 of this challenge (see badge if you're confused), in trying to keep with my "midnight-to-midnight" A to Z challenge posting goal (I lamented about this in B is for Blabbery), I sat down on the concrete sidewalk outside on campus at 11:59pm, opened up my laptop, and then realized that concrete sidewalks aren't exactly wi-fi hotspots.

But hey, I tried.I hadn't anticipated leaving rehearsal that late, but that happened, and I was determined.

I think the future will have internet service everywhere all the time. That's, like, my only prediction about the future.

Anyway, so about concrete. I doubt any other challenge is doing C for Concrete, so aren't you lucky! (-I say, as everyone flees this blog, having already filled their Pointlessness quota for the day.)

OK but seriously. I have a real point.

Concrete buildings bother me, especially those of a rectangular kind. They just look like someone with no sense of aesthetic but a lot of money built a shelter for storage of boring items or the holding of straight-laced conventions (try to ever catch me with my laces straight, by golly!). But concrete is such a cool embellishment. It's plain and hard and brings to mind scrapes (I've fallen off my bike and skateboard enough times to appreciate concrete's unyielding-ness), but it's not the least classy thing in the world. It looks nice with pretty much every kind of architecture thing.

Like, on my campus. My campus has a lot of brick buildings, but the concrete sidewalks and stairs look really nice with it. Better than cobblestone walkways, I'd even think. Maybe. It's kind of hard to beat cobblestone.

My point is, I guess, that even the plainest and roughest things can have really great purposes. Sometimes being in the background isn't because it wasn't good enough for foreground- it's exactly the place it's supposed to be.

Hoping that makes any kind of sense,

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